Sex in London
21 May 2020

Expect, count on, and become excited for the experience. Layered in personalization, dedication for the arts, tried and true experience in companionship, and my nurturing care to details. I excel in assisting my suitor to be at their best and demand the best.

I’m interested in getting to know you, in whatever way suits you best. I love learning new things and bet I could teach you a few, too. From fiery and hard to more sensual and soft, I can encompass any mood and demeanor you want or require. I’ve been a million different places and found a million different experiences I’d love to share with you- or hear yours with avid ears.

As a professional companion in London, I’m very inspired and full of energy and absolutely love sharing this with my friends. I find that through taking great care with myself in mind and body I can be at my absolute best and provide authentic and unique companionship of the highest caliber. I believe it’s important to escape the stresses of everyday life and take moments to let go and truly enjoy. If you are looking for a adventure, escape with Flora.

I love everything outdoors, reading and writing, movies, just about anything you can name. Except golf. I like driving the golf carts though!